Paul Gruenberg


For over 35 years, Paul has been building financial capital, intellectual capital and human capital. He’s a hands-on investor and street-level entrepreneur who really knows how to finance, operate, scale and exit a burgeoning enterprise. In short, Paul grows business.


Paul is experienced in running early-stage companies. He founded both Video News International and Videovation and managed their success from startup to their sales (to The New York Times and QSP/Reader’s Digest respectively).


More recently, Paul created Plum Holdings, a $28M early stage fund concentrating in high growth media companies. Plum provided “smart” private equity capital for companies that created, aggregated, distributed, marketed and licensed high-quality content - news, information, data, and entertainment.


Paul’s fund management experience began in 1981 when he managed a $100 million offshore private equity vehicle; working directly with William Donaldson (former Chairman of the SEC and the NY Stock Exchange as well as founder of Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette).


Paul has also structured and negotiated private placement transactions with Rockefeller & Co. for a broad spectrum of venture investments. He managed capital expansion across a host of industries for The Ford Foundation. And he’s worked with Morgens, Waterfall & Vintiadis, a NYC‐based hedge fund investing in undervalued assets and later-stage private placements.


Paul has been honored to be a director at Yale School of Management, MIT Enterprise Forum, NYT Video News International, Reader’s Digest/Videovation, R.D. Percy & Co, Cypress Films, Fuel Tech, Bronx Frontier, Intellifit, Eppraisals, Bridges, and Z University. Paul is a Series 356 Porsche fanatic who has painstakingly restored and raced 1600 GS plain bearing Carerras.