Archtop invests in people and ideas that make the world a better,

more interesting and rewarding place. Our driving mission is

to build disruptive, innovative companies that offer consumers

more choice, convenience and control in their lives.



Companies at the forefront of media, entertainment

and technology – next-gen TV, mobile, social, games,

ecommerce, eSports, publishing, edutainment, travel,

health, ad-tech, big data, etc.


Proprietary distribution platforms and media technologies

(from smart devices to prescient digital networks).

Strong digital eco-systems spanning content, commerce

and community.


Community – wherever vast audiences are gathering

and interacting, mobile, social and beyond.


Commerce – all varieties of e-commerce, m-commerce,

g-commerce, t-commerce, and real world commerce,

from advertising and merchandising to checkout counter.


Education and edutainment – digital classrooms,

new learning tools and training tools/companies.


Big/small data, research and analytics –

realtime and actionable knowledge systems.


Enterprise solutions for specific verticals – digital

infrastructure powered by a proprietary data sources.





Growth initiatives, buy and build strategies,

acquisitions and roll-ups.





Control transactions, minority transactions,

Partnering with operating executives

or other investors.




$5 million to $20 million.

Potentially larger amounts via co-investment.





Essential product or service offering to a

defined set of customers. High barriers to entry.


Competitively positioned to win

in an ever-changing marketplace.


B2B model/marketing emphasis (will look at

select consumer branded (B2C) businesses).


Recurring revenue streams

and/ or strong free cash flow.


Capacity to scale large audiences, nurture customer

relationships and build enduring brand value.


Diverse customer base that can be talked to – key

diligence item to affirm revenue projections.


Buy and build platform – ability to assimilate

other strategic assets via acquisition.


Experienced management teams

with the vision and skills to execute.


Ability to invest $5 million to $20 million in the

investment target over time – more with co-investment.


Positively vetted through intensive due diligence.